Your action plan

Think about what you just learned about flu and the flu vaccine. Answer the questions below, and then print your summary. You can also take this to your health care team if you have questions. The decision is ultimately yours, and you can tell your health care team when you are ready.

Yes, I generally understand Not sure No, I need more information
Yes, I generally understand Not sure No, I need more information
I have work or school that would be disrupted by sick time. I have a job that puts me in contact with other people, such as in health care or a school. I take care of someone who depends on me. I want to help protect others from getting sick with flu. I am pregnant. I smoke or use tobacco. I am healthy and want to stay healthy. I have a chronic condition (such as diabetes, chronic lung disease, or heart disease). I live with a baby or young child. I am over age 65 or I live with someone over age 65. I am concerned about having flu and COVID-19 at the same time. Other:
Yes, definitely I think so Not sure I don't think so No, definitely not
What is my level of risk for getting flu? What is my risk of complications from flu? What is the level of flu risk for people I live with? What are possible side effects of the vaccine for me? Are there any reasons I shouldn't get a flu shot? Which flu shot should I get? Can you give me a flu shot today? I don't need to ask any questions
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Date Last Reviewed: 10/1/2020
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